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Could twitter replace email marketing?

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Do you have time for social media?


Social Media is a highly powerful channel for branding, building relationships, search engine optimisation and marketing your products and services. If you are not investing in social media marketing, you are missing a golden opportunity to reach your customers in a way that truely touches them.


Social media networking and marketing takes careful planning, time, patience, personality and expertise. Are you short of skilled resources? We can help you!


Get your own Social Media Champ(s)


Social Media Champs™ are a specialist team of online networkers and marketers, developed, expertly trained and managed by leading edge e-business and marketing consultancy Echo E-Business.


We represent your organisation as an online ambassadors and marketers:


  • Social media strategy and planning
  • Social media for search engine optimisation
  • RSS and widget marketing
  • Social media for sales
  • Social Media for brand and reputation Building
  • Social Media for relationship building
  • Implementing on-site social media tools
  • Social media measurement


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